5 Best Android Launcher Apps

Android-launcher apps

Now a day android is the most used and popular mobile operating system. The cause and features which make it popular is the opportunity to easily customize it with the color of your mind. The the customization can easily be demonstrated by the Android launcher apps. So, in this post I’m going to share the 5 best android launcher apps. Hope you would the apps.



Android-launcher apps


Work of an Android Launcher App

The main work of an android launcher app is let the users customize their android phone easily. There are numerous androids app in different app store but all the launchers apps are not with same feature, for example you will get more feature in aftermarket android launcher app than stock launcher app. The launcher apps let you change the color, size, background of icons, add different kinds of docks, add more screens, change the font, add 3D effects and much more.


5 Best Android Launcher Apps

Let see the 5 best android launcher apps and choose the best one for your android.

1. LauncherPro 

Launcher pro is the most downloaded and popular android launcher app. This is my favorite launcher app. This launcher is one of the most downloaded Android launchers as it has some very impressive features. LauncherPro has inbuilt features that make all your favorite social networks, music, YouTube and so on available right on your home screen for easier access.

launcher pro android app

The main an awesome feature of this launcher app is it has a 3D drawer app plus the home screen transitioning is downright umber cool! There is also a free version of launcher pro available but if you want more widgets than you should purchase the LauncherPro Plus app which is available only for 3.49 $!

[ Download LauncherPro ]

2.ADW Launcher

The launcher app which is my second choice after the launcher pro is the ADW Launcher pro app. The features of this launcher app is about same as the launcher pro. The best thing about this launcher app is there are 500 different themes available in this app which will make you crazy.

ADW-launcher-Ex-android app

And there are also different option and features which let you change the look of the homes screen of your phone easily. There are two version of this app and you know that the paid version of any app is better than a free version. You try out the paid version of  ADW Launcher Ex only for 3.29 $. In addition you may read this post on tricks to download android premium apps for free.

[ Download ADW Launcher ]

3. Zeam Launcher

You know that the old android phone are neglected by Google. And as they are old so Google haven’t provided any software/firmware update to this launcher so, this is one of the great problem with the android devices.

Zeam-launcher android app

As old android phones are not compatible to receive any updates and to get changes so the best solution is to use the launcher apps and customize the look of the phone. And the app Zeam Launcher is perfect for those old android phones cause its compatible with all the versions of android phone including the old android phone. So, you should better try the zeam launcher app to give you phone a new look.

[ Download Zeam Launcher ]

4. SPB Shell 3D

If you are a proud owner of an expensive android phone then you should customize the phone to give a rich look.

And the app which goes with that kind of android phone is the SPB Shell 3D launcher app. The app is completely different from all the launcher app and its availability only for 14.95 $.

[ Download SPB Shell 3D ]

5. GO Launcher EX

Go, launcher is not like the app zeam launcher. This launcher app has got a lots of functions and huge opportunity to customize. Its looks about like the LauncherPro, but it has themes and a pretty cool drawer design.

Go-launcher-EX andoid app

There are three tabs in the App drawer, for All, Recent and Running. You also have the ability to close running apps directly from the Running tab, which is awesome. Apart from that, there are a lot of different themes in the apps to choose. This is free launcher app.

[ Download Go Launcher EX ]

So, guys let’s try the best android launcher apps and customize your phone with it to give your phone a look.

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