5 Best Android Video Player Apps

mobo-player android video player app

There are lots of video player apps for android. But all of them are not the best. In my previous posts I’ve already about published posts on different android apps. So, in this post I’m going to share the best video player apps for your android. Read this post on 5 Best Android Music Player Apps.




1. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is an awesome video payer app for android. The MoboPlayer video player app let you watch any types video from your android.

mobo-player android video player app

[ Download MoboPlayer ]

2. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is the best android video player app which comes after the MoboPlayer. The RealPlayer video app let your showcase your videos and photos easily and it also let you organize music and other contents on you android.

real-player-android video player app

[ Download RealPlayer ]

3. RockPlayer Lite

RockPlayer is a video player with high performance. The RockPlayer video player app supports almost all formats of videos. Its has got a lots of functions which let customize the player easily.

rock-player android video player app

[ Download RockPlayer Lite ]

4. VPlayer Pro

VPlayer Pro is a latest video app app for android. If you are pursuing a video player with the best user experience and user interface,VPlayer Pro will be your ultimate choice.

vplayer android video player app

[ Download VPlayer Pro ]

5. mVideoPlayer

mVideoPlayer is an android video player app with lot of useful and handy features and a nice and clean interface kicks out the features of Android’s built-in video player.

[ Download mVideoPlayer ]

So, guys let choose the best video player app for your android and grab.

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