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Since smart phones emerged, to watch movies from your screen is a tool that has attracted many and over time has been improving. While at first their utility was questionable with these screens a few inches, with increased screen size we are experiencing in Android experience using this tool has increased considerably. There are players better and worse depending of how powerful they are and the ability to play files with different extensions and tools that can bring.


BSPlayer is one of the best players available for Android. With hardware acceleration to increase speed and reduce battery consumption achieves a perfect harmony between quality and duration. It supports almost all existing video extensions including MKV files and HTTP content streaming. Another major advantage of this application is that we will have the option to add subtitles . We can also play files located on your computer through the wireless network .


This type of application can be very useful to see the last chapter of our favorite or take such scenes over our favorite movie ever to teach our friends. It is true that many phones have as standard a player of video as the gallery but the playback quality and the different options available can neither compare the quality and audio in many players is almost nonexistent .

BSPlayer now has over 3000 reviews in Google Play with almost half excellent with 4.6. This is because it is an application that offers a very good user experience thanks to its simple but complete interface . On the other hand, is an application c BSPlayer free ompletamente this up to many other charges. If looking for a good player to see the series that are following from anywhere in the world, BSPlayer is a great option .

You can download BSPlayer from Google Play for free .

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