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If you are one of them who want get informed about the deeds of their friends on the social networks then BlingBoard is the only app to help to keep track of your social networks. With it you can do this without leaving the screen of your device. Great for that moment you want to spy the latest posts, but need to be quick because it is in a hurry, or busy with something.

BlingBoard is a simple but very useful. When you start using it, it guides you to log into your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail.From there you only get to follow your updates.

To put it on your screen, just add it like any other widget. For you who are new, just take a long click on the screen you want to add it, select the “add widget” and choose the BlingBoard the list that appears.

blingboard social widget for android
Besides Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, it also shows the messages and incoming calls. you can upgrade when you want to see the news. After viewing the posts, you can clean by clicking on a broom in the corner of the widget. When there is no post to display, it shows a clock with the date underneath.
The application offers some options for you to choose the theme you like. It has a visual basic, but beautiful. The icons are grayed out, but when you have new posts, each one is a specific color, with the number of new posts below.

He has some drawbacks like the fact I can not answer given by posting the application itself. It shows an icon that directs you to the official application of the network, where you can answer. Moreover, it allows you to preview images, it is necessary to do so, visit the official app too.

Download BlingBoard from Google Play

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