Create your own media center remote control with Android and XBMC

April 16, 2012

in Android

Today the storage capacity in our computers is very high and you start to see laptops with 1TB hard drive. We ended up filling the memory of our music, movies and photos and other files that end up scattered in endless folders such as “downloads”.

xbmc Create your own media center remote control with Android and XBMC

That’s why there are a series of programs that convert your computer into a multimedia center to have all our files organized and cataloged, among these programs include XBMC . It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux,installation is simple and its use unlimited . If you are lucky enough to connect your computer to the TV you can enjoy an authentic experience when browsing your hard drive with all the movies with their cover art, abstract and information in order to do that at any given time.

The problem is that to control this program usually requires special controls and part is the grace to be sitting on the couch moving through XBMC without touching the computer. That’s why today we bring in this article a very simple tutorial to control our media from our mobile Android . I will be very useful for everyday users of this program and those who are not, I strongly recommend you try it if only to know what they’re missing. Different installers can download the latest version of 11.0 according to your operating system on the following links:

xbmc Create your own media center remote control with Android and XBMC

First of all install the program like everything else in our operating system and execute it. We are facing a different idea than usual program so that it would be interesting to you dierais interface around discovering its most basic functions. XBMC allows much more than previously appointed and if you have properly set up can do wonders as do a lot of content online and without limits.

Once we’ve done with the program access the menu “Settings” and go to network aparatado “Network” . We look at that “Allow Control of XBMC via HTTP” is on and that the port is the number 80 that usually works well for most.As for user and password is better not to touch it but if you are very concerned about security, not to enter a password more. The most important thing is that we select the bottom option “Allow Other Programs on Control Systems to XBMC” because Android is classified as “Other Systems” . Having done all this, we turn to the section ofour Android settings .

To use our phone as a remote with XBMC will have to download “XBMC Remote” available freeon Google Play from the following link .

When opening the application is likely to not jump about error messages that just have to accept. When you open the menu we see three options and select the central “Host Wizard” and we automatically connect with XBMC. Where“Host Wizard” fails, ask us where manual configuration would simply have to enter the information you request and we have seen in the XBMC settings apparatus such as the port.

xbmc1 Create your own media center remote control with Android and XBMC

With everything installed and configured so we can only enjoy the program and the application for Android. XBMC Remote is a comprehensive application that will allow us to explore our library stored on your computer and change the song, movie or image. We can see the covers, information, or to move freely as the media control it .

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