How to: Disable Touch Screen on Windows 8 Tablet

windows 8 tablet touch actions

Welcome to my first post on Windows 8. From the beginning of my blogging. I was publishing posts at random. But I realized that I should keep balance on all the topics to let my readers love my blog. So, from now I’m going to publish posts on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 regularly. I know that you love my blog but you should subscribe my blog via email or RSS which will notify you whenever I publish a single post on my blog. So, whats the topic today? Today I’m going to share a Windows 8 how to post that is how to disable touch screen on windows 8. Hope this will help the guys who were looking the ways to disable touch screen windows 8 tablet.


Disable Touch Screen on Windows 8 Tablet

  • At first click on Start Screen and go to Control Panel

windows 8 tablet start menu

  • Now you should see a control panel window, click on More settings

windows 8 tablet control panel

  • Click on the Hardware and Sound

windows 8 tablet hardware and sound

  • Now, click on the Pen and Touch. [ N B: The Pen and Touch options depends upon the hardware availability in your system. So in your device it may appear as Biometric Devices, Fingerprint reader and so on.

windows 8 tablet pen and touch

  • When you click on Pen and Touch you should see a window like as in the image, next click Touch Tab in the Pen and Touch box. Then disable Use your finger as an input device by unchecking on it.

windows 8 tablet pen and touch settings

  • Finally click or tap Apply button.
  • Later, if you want to enable the touch screen again just check Use your finger as an input device.

So, guys let me know how you feel my first post on Windows 8.

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jalewis - June 2, 2012

This doesn’t work on the Release Preview of Windows 8.


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