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All or nearly all, you will have ever seen a series of images which succeed each other in a short time or, what is the same, all you have seen a gif.

"gifbomm android app"

Thanks to the application that we bring you today you can create your own gifs animated in a few steps. If you want to find out how, just keep reading after the jump.

GifBoom can help in various ways to make these images in motion. First we record a small video of 20 seconds and then, with that same video, make the gif. This is one of the procedures but we can also select different videos or pictures from our gallery as the basis for these gifs.

After selecting the starting point, thanks to this application we have several options to improve our motion pictures. We can add digital effects, a frame or even choose a particular section of the image. How could it be otherwise, we are the ones who decide the speed of transition between the images to get the effect you want. To say that this is the application simple, practical and fast to find for creating gifs.


Following these simple steps, we have done our gif but GifBoom comes a little further. It offers the possibility to  share our image and spread through synchronization with Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. In addition to these options, it also adds the ability to share via MMS, email or get a direct link to where you want to publish. Can you ask for more?

For if we could ask for anything more is a social aspect to the implementation and application developers have designed for us. Find a small community where we can share images with other users, comment and see the most popular.

A complete application really curious that we can not escape.

Download it for free through Google Play.

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