5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

February 26, 2012

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Hello guys how are? I’m fine by the grace of Almighty. My today’s post is for all iPhone users. You know that watching TV is a special and comfortable entertainment. So, keep your brain you should take the taste of entertainment watching TV whenever you get a moment of time. So, your iPhone should the best device which could give you the full flavour of entertainment simply make you watch TV with the TV apps. So, there are numerous TV app for your iPhone but which one will try? Don’t be confused I’m here to help you, in this post I’m going to tell the best 5 best TV apps for your iPhone for watching TV. So, guys let me discuss the apps.

watch tv on iphone 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

From the analysis from different iPhone app site, iTunes and blog, I found these 5 apps as the most downloaded and popular app. So, let see the 5 best TV apps for your iPhone.

1. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a popular TV app for iPhone. Hulu Plus let you watch live TV channels and free steaming of latest TV shows and movies. The Hulu Plus app for iPhone is a free iPhone TV app and is available the App store.

Hulu plus iphone tv app 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

When you first download the app you will get 1 week of free subscription. And for $7.99/month, which is cheaper than cable television. Hulu Plus is now available  only in the United States, but don’t forget about VPN clients guys.

Download Hulu Plus from the App Store [ iTunes link ]

2. Netflix

Netflix is another awesome TV app for your iPhone. Subscription service of this TV app is like Hulu, but this one doesn’t offer one whole week of free trial. You have to become a member of Netflix to be able to use this free app.

Netflix iphone tv app 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

Here, you should apply a trick that is at first become a free member try out the trial package and if you like it, subscribe. The packages are cheap and you will able to watch lots of movies. Again, if you’re not in the United States, U.K or Ireland, where the service is currently running in full swing, try the VPN method for results.

Download Netflix from the App Store [ iTunes Link ]


TWC TV is an app from Timer Warner cable connection. So,if you have already subscribed to their connection, then you can download this tv app for your iPhone for free.

TWC tv iphone tv app 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

If you want to watch cable from your iPhone or iPad, then TWC TV is the best one for you. It is note that there is a problem with the app that is the service is only limited to US members.

Download TWC TV from the App Store iTunes Link ]

4. Xfinity TV

If you have already a subscription to either XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video services, then you can download the free version of the Xfinity TV app from the app store.

Xfinity TV iphone tv app 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

It’s an awesome app to enjoy the real taste of watching TV and I believe that services like this will change the good old cable TV for good.

Download Xfinity TV from the App Store [ iTunes Link ]

5. TV.Com

TV.Com is different tv app from any other TV app. This a non subscription based service that is you can watch TV Shows and movies without having to pay any fees or simply for free.

tv dot com iphone tv app 5 Best TV Apps for Watching TV on iPhone

One thing I should notice you that though I faced a little problem while checking out the TV.Com app but reviews about this app are pretty great and suggest that it does work pretty well. As it’s a free and non subscription based service so, you should expect all the latest and updated shows but you will get numerous videos, movies and so on.

Download Tv.Com from the App Store [ iTunes Link ]

So, guys don’t forget share the apps with your friends.

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