MusicXmatch Android Great Music Application

In more than one occasion we talked about music applications for our devices with Android, the Android Market can find a good variety of them, whether music players, applications to identify songs, to search for letters, etc..

"MusicXmatch Android App"

Well, today I propose a great application that I recently found, which serves three main functions logically as a music player very comprehensive identifier songs and lyrics search. This is MusicXmatch Android .

MusicXmatch Android has a beautiful graphical interface, as well as being very elegant, intuitive and practical to use. As I said, apart from allowing play all our music library also allows us to identify those songs you do not know.

As if this were not enough, has a database with more than 5.9 million letters, to which we can access even without internet connection, the application is responsible for searching for the letter corresponding to each of our songs. You’ll be thinking you have a high cost, since it is free.

Link to Market


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