How to: Record Google+ Hangout Video

google plus hangout

Google+ is new social media platform full of numerous quite new features comparing with other social media networks. Among the features I like the hangout very much. Hangout is a feature which let you make video chat with the guys in your circle. And from different blog, forum and from different Google+s users I could know they like Google+ hangout very much. When you are making video chat with any of your friends is very interesting and it will be more interesting if you could record the hangout video. So, in this post I’m going to share tricks and ways to record Google+ hangout video.

Google+ is a step away to let its users record the hangout video. So, you need to use softwares to record the Google+ hangout video. There are some software which let you record the Google+ hangout video easily like hypercam, Screen-Cast-oMatic, Pixetell, BB Flashback, Camstudio and Screen2exe. And I’m going to share the tricks and ways to record Google+ hangout using one this softwares called Screen2exe.

Record Google+ hangout Video using Screen2exe

I recommend you to use Screen2exe as its awesome and easy to use.

google plus hangout

  • At first download Screen2exe from here
  • after downloading the software install it to your PC
  • Next you should start a Google+ hangout
  • When you start the hangout run the software and by the default setting it record your desktop’s full screen. So, you have to start your desktop screen recording by starting Screen2exe software
  • Now drag a box on the `Google Plus Hangout Video box’ located on left so that you could define a rectangle to capture and lick outside of the box to remove it that record all screen.
  • Next, click on the  Update button to update the current image of desktop the software will start to record the hangout.
  • After recording, you can also edit this video by this software. To save the recording click on File-Save project button, you can save it to your computer.
  • During recording the hangout, you can also stop or pause the recording. To resume capturing google plus hangout video, press F9 from your keyboard. To stop capturing, you have to click F10 button. Or click the tray icon that can stop and pop-up the main interface of settings.
  • After you save the video in your computer, its easy to play. The file will be an exe file but ts playable to all windows OS based computer without any extra codec.


You should set the capture speed of the software to 2 FPS. If you have the faster CPU and video card, you should increase the FPS to record more smooth video recording. By default setting the software will record audio from your microphone.

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