What should I buy Android terminal between the new presented?

During the MWC 2012 we saw many interesting terminals have been analyzed over the past month. The level of these new mobile is very high, yet is very equalized between different manufacturers. All manufacturers have a phone in its range that could easily be considered the best in the market for several reason . It is then the question arises who bought mobile from all new submitted .

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In this article we will show the pros and cons of each flagship presented by the best manufacturers Androidcompared to its rivals . The aim is to give you an idea of what is best suited for you and this is very easy to see, if the pros are essential for you and those who are against the terminal will seem insignificant , then you know that mobile is perfectly designed for you . It sometimes happens that the decision gets a bit more difficult when all these phones have anything against that is essential for you and you have to put these disadvantages in the balance but in any case, this analysis will help .

Sony Xperia S



  • Is a terminal that is already available on the market so if you need it immediately because you have broken yours, this side the advantage.
  • The camera of 12 megapixels with Exmor-R sensor makes the Xperia S in the best phone in terms of photographic section. If you love the pictures, this may be a turning point for the purchase of this terminal.
  • The striking design on the other phones have received very good reviews and that is why it can be a major asset to our purchase.
  • The screen resolution 4.3-inch HD is smaller than the other major terminals. This is a differentiating factor that may attract some customers who see the big screens as unnecessary.


  • Its dual-core processor is not at the level of competition and commitment to the four cores. Although currently not a major disadvantage, before too long the double nuclei begin to fall behind and be recognized as midrange terminals.
  • The operating system version is 2.3 and Sony reports that take longer than they thought to update this terminal to the latest version of Android. It is annoying to see large terminals that go to market with outdated version compared to its potential.
  • It has microSD card slot which can be a problem to those who have your own cards that are passed from one phone to another and you’d have to leave in oblivion with this terminal.

Htc One X

"HTC One X1"


  • The brand itself is a plus and not escaquea HTC about quality materials and optimization of customization Sense 4.0 is the best market in many ways.
  • The screen of 4.7 inches HD resolution and Gorilla Glass is one of the largest in the market. It is the opposite characteristic as the Xperia screen S, is directed to the public who enjoy the big screen.
  • The Tegra 3 processor quad-core 1.5 GHz is one of the best on the market especially for its dedicated core to save battery.
  • The camera despite falling behind Xperia S in terms of megapixels, is very well optimized by the software of HTC and is more powerful than it may seem at first glance.


  • Again I must mention that you do not have microSD card slot . But otherwise it is true that the integration of this terminal with Dropbox and 32GB of internal memory a bit supplement this drawback.
  • The 1800 mAh battery seems little case of a mobile with a screen resolution of 4.7 fleas and HD. Perhaps if we give it a go hurry-intensive in terms of battery at the end of the day.
  • The size can also be a problem for many users who will seem too big.

LG Optimus 4X HD

"LG optimus 4X"

In Favor:

  • The screen is as large as the Htc One X but comparisons has been observed that fails to be of such quality. In any case, s or HD resolution is not far behind .
  • Your processor Tegra 3 already mentioned above is above most of Android and is why it is important to note.
  • Its 2150 mAh battery is surely one of his strongest assets as though such a battery, its thickness is at 8.9 mm.
  • It has microSD card slot, together with 16 GB of internal memory.


  • The most important factor against this terminal is that it is a LG . This brand has behind him many unhappy customers regarding support of its terminals are left behind in updates . On the other hand, recently LG not being more remarkable marks as their terminals.
  • The size , like the Htc One X, can be a problem for some customers.

Huawei Ascend D Quad

"Huawei Ascend Quad D1"


  • As money is one of the best terminals by far . Its price is anticipated at least 100 euros less than its main competitors named above.
  • It has microSD card slot .
  • Your processor manufactured by Huawei of 4 cores at 1.5 GHz appears to offer even better performance than the Nvidia Tegra 3.
  • Almost native Android version thanks to the little customization Huawei offers a great feeling to move between their menus. On the other hand is likely to receive future updates before and will not need much optimization of personalization.


  • The brand Huawei is a double edged sword because on one side can throw after many customers by not being well known. On the other hand has offered support to their former terminals has been good and as I mentioned before, in terms of money are almost insurmountable.
  • You do not have the NFC technology for this much-betting.
  • The internal memory is only 8 GB .
  • The 1800 mAh battery is not a disaster but it could be improved. In any case, will also appear an alternative version called Ascend D Quad XL with the only difference that will have more battery at the expense of a few millimeters thick.

Having the main contenders for the title of best Android phone we need to recap a bit .

  • The Xperia S would gain in terms of differentiation , with a different design and a powerful camera moves away from the other devices.
  • The One X would gain in quality is a very powerful terminal with very good material that has superior support to others by the brand.
  • The LG Optimus HD 4x gain in terms of general features , is the most balanced in various ways such as power, screen and battery.
  • The Huawei Ascend D Quad win in terms of money , despite being a terminal with a price lower than others, not has little to envy.

I should mention that these are the terminals that I think are above the rest as they could be the terminals of brands such as ZTE and Motorola. Also mention that one of the main contenders for the title of best Android mobile 2012, theSamsung Galaxy SIII is not on the list because it has not been submitted yet.

I probably will update this summer my terminal and regardless of the Galaxy SIII still very possible for me to staywith Ascend D Quad because I think the most suitable for me. In any case, everyone will have their reasons for choosing one or another and I hope you share them with us .

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